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Butler at the Door – Concierge Services

Butler at the DoorButler at the Door is a special private service provided to those clients who seek a professional onsite staff to provide ready assistance and convenience. The term Butler at the Door means what it says: professional staff assistance is available when the client opens the door of the living quarters. Staff personnel are available on site to ensure comfort, answer questions about the locale, provide meals, cocktails, make reservations, acquire guides, offer suggestions for restaurants and local attractions; making sure the client gets to where he or she wants to go, is well fed, and receives all the conveniences for a luxury stay.

Many of these properties are not carried on the El Sol website. These are luxury homes offered to El Sol on a very private basis, and are not available to be shown to travel agents or for on line display. El Sol will make them available to prospective clients under conditions of privacy.

This service will be fully tailored to the client’s needs, full or part time. Butler is an old fashioned word, but that is what we supply. Call the person Jeeves, Jose, Jacque,(or Consuela) he (or she) will ensure there is a chef to prepare meals when necessary, mix cocktails for family and guests, and ensure the convenience of the client.

Call the El Sol staff to explore this exciting option, and ask for our references of clients who have previously used this service. Phone number is 610 687 9066