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Luxury Holiday Lettings

No matter where in the world you may want to go, El Sol Villas has luxury holiday lettings all across the globe just waiting to take your breath away. From Spain to South Africa, Italy to Seychelles, your time will be well-spent in any of the luxury holiday lettings El Sol has to offer.

Luxury Holiday Lettings – Villas

There is no end to the beauty awaiting you in any of El Sol’s villas available for luxury holiday lettings. Many of our Holiday Lettings allow you to swim in a heated infinity pool within sight of the ocean as the sun sinks below the horizon. Imagine spending the day wandering gardens in the sunshine and then walking along the ancient fountains of a restored 17th century Italian villa. If the 17th century isn’t your style, why not explore the ins and outs of a renovated stone farmhouse and eat a sumptuous dinner while overlooking the woodlands of a national park?

Holiday Lettings – Apartments

For those who prefer a less remote setting and want to experience life amid the hustle and bustle of well-populated areas, El Sol Villas has many apartments available for luxury holiday lettings ready to put you in the middle of the action with as much comfort and beauty as you could desire! Stay in a holiday letting within the midst the architecture of days gone by while experiencing modern luxuries that were completely unimagined by the cities’ builders. Have coffee on a balcony in view of the Eiffel Tower, or leave your luxury holiday letting by foot and arrive minutes later to the entrance of the Prado Museum.

No matter where you stay in your luxury holiday lettings, you are never very far from exciting adventures and relaxing destinations. Spend your days on nearby beaches, or wander in and out of shops and restaurants to your heart’s content. In almost any European country you travel to, it is even possible to see Roman ruins not far from well-maintained buildings that are easily hundreds of years old.

Unique Experiences for Luxury Holiday Lettings

If a unique experience is what you’re after, you can even go truffle hunting in Spain! Consider planning your trip to coincide with the Fiesta de San Fermin in Pamploma to see the running of the bulls — or perhaps you’d rather take part in La Tomatina in Valencia and get a chance to cover friends, family, and strangers in juicy tomatoes. For those who prefer a more laid-back experience, there are countless wines to try mere feet away from the vines they came from in many different regions across the world all from the comfort of one of our luxury holiday lettings.

The Best Amenities for Luxury Holiday Lettings

Regardless of where you stay, El Sol Villas’ luxury holiday lettings are beautifully furnished and come stocked with countless amenities, from large televisions and sound systems to modern kitchens with pizza ovens. Keep in touch with the rest of the world through any internet-ready devices and available wifi, or take a break from technology and enjoy the comfort of on-site workout rooms, jacuzzis, saunas, and heated pools of all shapes and sizes.

So you don’t have to go it alone, many holiday lettings come with available staff — from butlers, chefs and housekeepers to masseurs, and personal trainers, your needs will be well met. If a particular luxury holiday rental does not have a particularly desired service, El Sol Villas will do their best to make the appropriate arrangements to accommodate your needs!

El Sol Finds the Best in Luxury Holiday Lettings

If the countless options facing you become too much, El Sol welcomes calls to help any potential renter make sure their holiday is the best choice from beginning to end. Not only will they handle the arrangements for any luxury holiday lettings you decide upon, but they will even help the undecided narrow down the options so you can find yourself relaxing in comfort in style in the perfect villa or apartment in the perfect area in the perfect country with all the best amenities available across the world.

Finding Your Dream Luxury Holiday Lettings

No matter where in the world you want to go, no matter what you would like to do when you get there, El Sol Villas is dedicated in making sure every traveler that comes their way gets a first rate experience to remember for years to come. Regardless of whether you have a specific luxury holiday lettings in mind or no idea at all, contact the staff at El Sol Villas and see why Conde Nast Travelers has been recommending their services since 2006. They’ll go the distance to make your dreams a reality, no matter how far away from home you would like to go!

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