Booking a Villa Rental with El Sol Villas

How to Book

How To Book

If you have selected a property from our website, please fill out the form accompanying the property and click on the “Submit” button. We will respond quickly. If however, you are not familiar with a country or would like to discuss your trip and any special issues, please feel free to call us at 800.474.5765. We spend time with many of our clients discussing the best area to visit, how to get there and which villas we think they would enjoy.

El Sol acts as a broker to facilitate the renter in selecting a property and making the arrangements for the renter and the owner to enter into a rental contract. El Sol acts only as a broker, and is not a part of the contract between the renter and the owner. El Sol is paid a brokerage fee for its services. These conditions are spelled out in the contract.

Once the property is selected the renter pays El Sol a $95 non refundable booking fee to prepare the contract ensuring that the property is reserved and that any specific requirements and/or conditions are met. The contract is prepared and sent to the client who then pays a 30% deposit to hold the property. In some cases the owner may request a larger amount. This deposit is non-refundable and we encourage all clients to take travel insurance. (See Travel Services on our home page or click here for more information on purchasing travel insurance though Travel Guard).

Within ten weeks before travel to the villa, the renter pays the balance of the rental amount. At that time, the security deposit is also required. Again this is a non-refundable payment which would be covered for emergency cancellations if the client has purchased travel insurance.

Payments will be made to El Sol who will insure the monies are forwarded to the owner. El Sol maybe paid by overnight check, wire transfer or credit card which carries a transaction fee for credit card use. El Sol will facilitate a contract which when signed by the renter and the owner, will become the bound rental agreement between the two. The contract provides that the owner guarantees the safety and habitability of the property. The renter is advised to make a thorough inspection of the property upon arrival to ensure that any problems are brought to the owner or house managers attention immediately upon arrival. El Sol is available to assist both parties in solving any problems that may arise.

In some instances the owner will supply his/her own contract which will be the binding rental agreement between the owner and the renter. El Sol is not a party to this contract and will request the renter will acknowledge that El Sol is merely acting as the broker.

In either of the above circumstances, the renter is advised to read the contract carefully. El Sol is available to assist both parties in getting the contracts signed and settling any difficulties in the contract process.