Costa de la Luz

The fine, sandy beaches of the Costa de la Luz, in the shelter of pine woods, stretch in an arc from Ayamonte to Tarifa, from the mouth of the river Guadiana to the Straits of Gibraltar. This is the coast of Western Andalusia, the coastline of the Provinces of Huelva and Cadiz. People come here in search of the mild climate. Costa de la Luz is comprised of sand and whitewash - its name invoking the intensely bright light which emphasizes the neatness of the streets, the whitewash on the walls, the golden hues of the sand dunes and the silvery reflection of the sea, the only grayish tone to be found in this land predominated by colors. Moving inland we encounter a great variety of different sceneries. There are wild mountain ranges, fertile farmlands, pastures where fierce bulls graze, vineyards famed throughout the world and hidden-away towns where time passes at a lingering pace. Springtime is an explosion of flowers, popular festivals and festivities held at local shrines. Wintertime, which is cool and sunny, attracts millions of birds to the area.