Lazio is famous for the Eternal City of Rome. However, there is much more. Much of the landscape was formed by the eruption of several volcanoes. Lakes then formed in the craters and the fertile soil rendered vines, olives nuts and fruits. The cuisine is rich and accompanied by fine dry white wine. Each of its towns, cities and villages can boast of its history, take pride in some monument or distinctive local setting which alone is sufficient reason to take a trip there. Outstanding remains survive from the ancient civilizations, Roman cities and Etruscan necropolises and acropolises found throughout this region. A visit to the historical places of Viterbo, Bomarzo, Tarquina, Tivoli and Gaeta is a must. Above all, Lazio is an area rich in natural beauty that spreads wide from the mountainous countryside to the Tyrrhenian coast. Situated south of Rome, along the coast is an area famous for its beautiful panoramic beaches; the most popular lie between Gaeta and Sabaudia in the National Park. Even further south is the characteristic and picturesque city of Sperlonga set on a rock cliff that faces out towards the open sea. Apart from the hidden cities and hilltop villages, Lazio offers the opportunity to visit the splendid beauty of Lake Bracciano. The lakeside city of Bracciano, is a medieval village with the imposing Orsini-Odescalchi Castle built in the 15th Century. Swimming and sailing are popular on the lakes.